InCytomix is your trusted partner in advanced genomic solutions.

InCytomix is your trusted partner in advanced genomic solutions for the food manufacturing industry.

InCytomix Genomics: Our DNA is in Precision and Excellence.


InCytomix is a front-runner in the field of microbial genomics, offering in-depth analysis of soil microorganisms to the agricultural sector. Our advanced genomic sequencing capabilities enable us to thoroughly examine and decode the complex ecosystems within your soil.

Every soil sample teems with microscopic life, each entity playing a role in maintaining soil health and promoting crop growth.


InCytomix is your trusted partner in the mining industry, providing advanced microbial genomic data solutions for environmental monitoring.

Through our expertise in microbial genomics, we empower mining companies to make informed decisions for sustainable mining practices.

We utilize state-of-the-art techniques to analyse the genetic material extracted from mining environments. By deciphering the microbial diversity and function present in mine tailings, contaminated soil, and acid mine drainage, we enable mining companies to monitor and mitigate environmental risks effectively. Our comprehensive assessments provide valuable insights.


With our cutting-edge techniques, we provide comprehensive microbial identification and precise detection of foodborne pathogens.

Our genomic sequencing services accurately identify genetic markers, aiding in source tracking and contamination tracing throughout the production chain. Additionally, we offer rigorous quality control and assurance by monitoring microbial composition in raw materials, finished products, and production environments.

Our proactive approach helps prevent recalls, safeguard consumer health, and ensure the highest quality standards are met.


As a member of the BlueSky group, InCytomix leverages a wide array of expertise to build your custom, comprehensive solution. We offer a unique service tailored to clients’ needs. Our scientists, doctors, engineers, software developers have a strong multi-disciplinary, collaborative ethos enabling us to provide an integrated offering to meet the challenge. If your project needs more than just sequencing, BlueSky Nexus is your one-stop hub!

At InCytomix, we believe that our dedication to genomic services is an intrinsic part of our identity.

.Our comprehensive genomic offerings stand out for their quality, rapidity, and customisation, encompassing all aspects of molecular virology, bacteriology, and pathology diagnostics.

Unparalleled Processing and Individualised Services

  • High-Quality Sample Processing: We guarantee superior service in laboratory analyses of clinical and environmental samples, coupled with responsive individualised attention.
  • Tailor-Made Reporting: Our flexible approach aligns with your data management needs, whether using commercially available assays or our in-house validated assays.

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